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Tips for Making an Aquarium Your Fish Will Thrive in

You should know that fishkeeping is much more than keeping a few fish. Studies have shown that aquariums can help in reducing stress and blood pressure. Because of that we are going to look at the tips that will lead you to a successful path with your aquarium.

You should start by getting then right aquarium size. You find that starting with a small tank is always not the best option. For a new tank it is recommended that you start with at least 20 gallons. This does not restrict you from going for the biggest one if you have enough space and cash. With 20 gallons, space will be enough for your fish to move around. Besides, a large water volume will allow you to maintain the chemicals and water temperature easily.

Apart from that, you should not mix the wrong fish together. It is not wise to throw different types of fish in an aquarium and not consider their different temperatures, behaviors, and needs. Therefore, you should put into consideration water temperature, aggressive and timid fish, space required to move, how big they become and the areas of the tank the fish occupies.

The next tip is to cycle your water. It is essential to note that the amount you need to cycle the water in the tank can vary based on the size and the type of fish you are housing. Like you can cycle most tanks 10-15% and 20% if you are at a high capacity. In case your tank doesn’t have high stock then you can get away with changing your water every two weeks.

Besides, you should also put your tank in the right spot. Remember that the tank will be heavy and you need to make sure that the surface you are putting it will be able to support the weight. You should also keep it away from windows and direct sunlight. The sun will increase the speed at which algae will grow making it hard to maintain.

Besides, you should also make proper use of algae. We have some fish that feed on algae. Because of that, you should use them to clean up any algae that grow on the tank thus reducing your cleaning work. You can as well purchase macroalgae which fish can eat and it also competes with problematic algae thus killing them. For further knowledge you can head over to algae barn for more info. The best part of this is that you will experience minimal maintenance effort and a successful aquarium.